Medical Market

Medical Applications

Prescription Drugs

Elimination of human error and having medication on hand is important. The convenience of portability in a single dose make it easier to track if the medication was taken as prescribed.

Over-the-counter Drugs

No need to carry a bottle and dosing cup everywhere you go. The 1DosePDP is prefilled with the right dose and is sealed against contamination. Medication when you need it and where you need it is critical.


Administering medication to children can be a challenge with oral syringes. The 1DosePDP eliminates the “fear factor” associated with a syringe. It also eliminates the unnatural forcing of medication down a child’s throat. Medication is only effective if it is actually taken.

Topical Ointments

The 1DosePDP not only dispenses ointments but the tip can be used as an applicator to avoid touching the medication or the area of application.

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