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Is the Single Dose Precision Delivery Package (1DosePDP) right for you?

Product Dispensing System

The 1DosePDP can be the perfect solution to your product packaging needs. It is available in a variety of sizes and materials to meet the most demanding single dose dispensing needs. The 1DosePDP is available in materials to accommodate both liquids and ointments for oral and topical administration.

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The 1DosePDP is manufactured under exacting standards to ensure the capacity of the package is maintained. The package is filled using automated systems to provide precise filling under controlled conditions.

The simple but effective design incorporates a number of features to ensure a leak-free, easy to use and administer experience. The easy to open 1DosePDP accommodates liquids and ointments and contents administered orally or topically.

The 1DosePDP is available in various sizes to maximize convenience and portability. All sizes easily fit in a pocket or purse, so you always have the right dose at the right time.

The 1DosePDP is available in several versions, depending on the application and type of contents to be administered. The materials used are the key to ensuring extended shelf life which is essential for OTC and prescription medications. The 1DosePDP is the perfect replacement for oral syringes.

The High-Flex version is ideal for viscous liquids and topical ointments. The 1DosePDP is not only a dispensing package but can also serve as an applicator.

The 1DosePDP can help mitigate risk in several ways. First and foremost, having a precise and accurate dose is paramount and is the number one issue for pediatric medication. Pre-filling the package prevents contamination and the self-sealing package keeps it clean and leak free.