Holistic Approach from Start to Finish

Sustainability Starts with Design

Even for products that are reusable, they eventually need to be recycled. Therefore, the focus of the design needs to be on reduction of raw materials, using materials that are commonly recycled and ensuring that there is an existing recycling stream. A product should be considered recyclable only if it actually is recycled and not just theoretically possible to recycle. If you start with unrecyclable materials the result will be ocean waste or landfill or both.

Less raw material consumption compared to oral syringe


Buy in from brand owners beginning with the basic concept and selection of materials. Renewable materials are good but that accelerates the exhaustion of the earth’s biomass and the other components are never separated or recycled.


Having a mono-material solution is the best way to ensure recycling and therefore sustainability. The Gliders package is either made from all HDPE or from materials that can go into the polyolefin recycling stream. Oral syringes, for example, are usually two or more materials and never recycled.